2018 Commonwealth Games Evade Threats with Symantec Cyber Security Services

Stays ahead of attackers with threat monitoring and threat intelligence.

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The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) faced two cyber security challenges as it prepped for the largest-ever event in the games’ storied history: Staying ahead of increasingly aggressive and sophisticated attackers, and weaving a set of diverse vendors into a seamless IT and cyber security team.

Symantec Cyber Security Services offered unequaled threat monitoring, threat intelligence, and incident response expertise—plus experience protecting major events and working with GOLDOC partners and Australian government stakeholders.

The Challenge

GOLDOC needed a cyber security expert who could integrate with a multipartner IT and cyber security team in just a matter of weeks. This partner needed to rapidly ramp up while implementing a purpose-built integrated cyber defense, adapt to new threats on demand, respond to incidents and remediate any harm, and help manage the solution until the the games ended.

The Solution

Symantec Cyber Security Services joined the team?and quickly took advantage of the following: Its prior working relationships with the other security vendors and relevant Australian state and federal agencies; its recent experience providing cyber security for a major international multisports event; its ability to collect and ingest logs from various technologies and endpoints, then provide the necessary alerts; and its ability to provide actionable intelligence that it could seamlessly share across all vendors and partners.


  • Effortless creation of seamless security solution
  • Reduced risk of becoming a cyber victim
  • Actionable threat intelligence: prediction, detection, analysis
  • Ability to stay ahead of threats
  • Shared intelligence across stakeholders and systems

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