FILIADATA uses Symantec solutions for web analysis and security

Keeping web traffic safe with Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway

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Germany-based FILIADATA GmbH, a subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt GmbH, is responsible for the IT infrastructure and security within the entire dm group. More than 500 employees in two redundant data centers develop, operate, and manage critical IT services for 3,300 dm stores in 12 countries. Naturally, web security plays a vital role in FILIADATA's overall security strategy. So when the company's secured web gateways reached their performance limits, finding a new solution became crucial. Learn why FILIADATA chose Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway and Leitwerk, a Symantec strategic partner, to provide a powerful, dependable solution.

The Challenge

Manage a sixfold increase in traffic on secure web gateways

When the percentage of SSL traffic in the dm network increased almost sixfold within a few years, FILIADATA's gateways became overburdened. The company turned to Symantec and Leitwerk to find a reliable solution.

The Solution

Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway

Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway combines the functionality of the Symantec ProxySG secure web gateway with the intelligence of Symantec Content Analysis to offer a single, powerful web security solution that delivers world-class threat protection. The solution not only filters and protects web traffic, but also reliably intercepts malware and potentially dangerous files and URLs.


  • Manages a sixfold increase in secure web traffic
  • Reliably intercepts malware and potentially dangerous files and URLs
  • Reduced operating costs by 30 to 40 percent by consolidating from four to two appliances

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