Millions of dollars saved with integrated cyber defense from Symantec

State of Oklahoma Centralizes Endpoint Security with Symantec

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With a rapid, award-winning transition to providing digital services to Oklahoma’s almost 4 million inhabitants, Oklahoma Chief Security Officer needed to find a way to secure infrastructure and information that state and local government depended on. 30,000 endpoints spread across 135 state agencies in 77 counties had a variety of antivirus software solutions installed from different vendors, so there was an urgent need to ensure that protection was consistently applied across the entire organization.

The Challenge

The need for an integrated approach to cyber defense

The State of Oklahoma managed 30,000 endpoints across 135 different state agencies had an array of different antivirus solutions, with around 3,500 servers (of which approximately 1,400 were virtualized). The security team saw a need to standardize on a single solution and to combine anti-malware, anti-spam and intrusion prevention along with application and device control. In addition to a centralized endpoint security solution, Oklahoma Chief Security Officer Mark Gower needed his team to have visibility into security events at each different state agency in order to understand how they could affect another agency. To succeed in this venture, Gower needed to supplement their endpoint protection with the ability to manage endpoints from within one central command structure, and to have access to real time security intelligence that his team could interpret and act on.

The Solution

Where Endpoint Protection and IT Management Suite combine to deliver a strong risk posture

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec DeepSight Security Intelligence
  • Symantec IT Management Suite
  • Symantec Business Critical Support


  • No significant disruption from malicious code since deployment
  • $2.3 million in projected five-year savings for taxpayers
  • Six person-years in IT staff productivity reclaimed by centralizing security
  • Six-month target of deployment to 28,000 endpoints accomplished on-time

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